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The Workers Club Melbourne

The Workers Club Main Image

The Worker’s Club, prominently situated on Brunswick Street, the main thoroughfare of Melbourne’s vibrant Fitzroy district, is credited with saving the local music scene in the early 2000s. Housed in the building that was once the historic Rob Roy Hotel, The Worker’s Club is well situated among the area’s trendy bars and popular restaurants.

Often cited as one of Melbourne's best live music venues, The Worker’s Club is all at once a hub for music, an art space, a restaurant and bar.

Contact Details

51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia
260 capacity
(03) 9415 6558

The Worker’s Club has three versatile areas which are also hired out for functions. The Dining Room, which has an inviting fireplace, original to the building, can comfortably seat up to 30 for dinner or 70 for cocktails. The self-contained Band Room, with its own private bar, can fit up to 260 persons and has facilities for DJ equipment and live bands. While the Beer Garden cannot be reserved for private functions, it can hold small gatherings without a fuss.

The Worker’s Club has an eclectic, ever-rotating schedule of artists who play in the venue. Acts who have graced the stage of The Band Room have run the gamut from dance/electro-pop acts like “Fluir”, pop singers like “Kita Banks” and Metal bands like “A Night in Texas”.

The menu at The Worker’s Club is as varied as its music acts. Open seven days a week, the venue’s kitchen churns out many delicious vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. The meals on offer can satisfy people looking for yummy pub fare or a hearty dinner. The Worker’s Club also has a wide array of cocktails and wine available as well as domestic, craft and international beer.

The Worker’s Club is a well-loved venue for Fitzroy regulars of all ages and is definitely a must-visit spot for music lovers of all genres.

Getting There and Away

Accessible via the 86 and 112 tram lines

The Workers Club Events

Past Events at The Workers Club

Crocodylus Event Image


5th October 2019
More Info
RedHook Event Image


14th September 2019
More Info
Totty Event Image


6th September 2019
More Info
Arno Faraji Event Image

Arno Faraji

3rd August 2019
More Info
Thandi Phoenix Event Image

Thandi Phoenix

28th June 2019
More Info
imbi the girl Event Image

imbi the girl

22nd June 2019
More Info
Antony & Cleopatra Event Image

Antony & Cleopatra

13th June 2019
More Info
Planet Event Image


8th June 2019
More Info
DIET Event Image


17th May 2019
More Info
Milan Ring Event Image

Milan Ring

3rd May 2019
More Info
Charlie Collins Event Image

Charlie Collins

29th March 2019
More Info
CLEWS Event Image


8th March 2019
More Info
Two People Event Image

Two People

2nd March 2019
More Info
Bene Event Image


15th February 2019
More Info
Luboku Event Image


2nd February 2019
More Info
CLYPSO Event Image


1st February 2019
More Info
Mickey Kojak Event Image

Mickey Kojak

7th December 2018
More Info
Jess Locke Event Image

Jess Locke

5th December 2018
More Info
Columbus Event Image


24th November 2018
More Info
Genesis Owusu Event Image

Genesis Owusu

22nd November 2018
More Info
Soliloquy Event Image


15th November 2018
More Info
Samsaruh Event Image


27th October 2018
More Info
Rackett Event Image


26th October 2018
More Info
Approachable Members Of Your Local Community (Sold Out) Event Image

Approachable Members Of Your Local Community (Sold Out)

28th September 2018
More Info
Approachable Members Of Your Local Community (Sold Out) Event Image

Approachable Members Of Your Local Community (Sold Out)

22nd September 2018
More Info
A Night In Texes Event Image

A Night In Texes

21st September 2018
More Info
Essie Holt Event Image

Essie Holt

20th September 2018
More Info
Christopher Port Event Image

Christopher Port

15th September 2018
More Info
Kota Banks Event Image

Kota Banks

14th September 2018
More Info
Social On The Veranda Event Image

Social On The Veranda

1st September 2018
More Info
Good Doogs Event Image

Good Doogs

25th August 2018
More Info
Pist Idiots Event Image

Pist Idiots

24th August 2018
More Info
Superego Event Image


11th August 2018
More Info
Darling James Event Image

Darling James

9th August 2018
More Info
Clea Event Image


4th August 2018
More Info
Echo Drama Event Image

Echo Drama

26th July 2018
More Info
Young Monks Event Image

Young Monks

20th July 2018
More Info
Kuren Event Image


7th July 2018
More Info
Peter Sonic Event Image

Peter Sonic

3rd July 2018
More Info
Luna Event Image


28th June 2018
More Info
Ziggy Ramo Event Image

Ziggy Ramo

14th June 2018
More Info
Drown This City Event Image

Drown This City

1st June 2018
More Info
Carmouflage Rose Event Image

Carmouflage Rose

11th May 2018
More Info


6th April 2018
More Info
Jeremy Neale Event Image

Jeremy Neale

23rd March 2018
More Info
Riley Pearce Event Image

Riley Pearce

16th March 2018
More Info
Kira Puru Event Image

Kira Puru

10th March 2018
More Info
The Lulu Raes Event Image

The Lulu Raes

5th March 2018
More Info
Closure in Moscow Event Image

Closure in Moscow

3rd March 2018
More Info
Grenadiers Event Image


9th February 2018
More Info
Albion Place Event Image

Albion Place

3rd January 2018
More Info
Amber Isles Event Image

Amber Isles

29th December 2017
More Info
Good Boy Event Image

Good Boy

14th December 2017
More Info
Pist Idiots Event Image

Pist Idiots

2nd December 2017
More Info
Feki Event Image


30th November 2017
More Info
WAAX Event Image


25th November 2017
More Info
Ruby Fields Event Image

Ruby Fields

16th November 2017
More Info
Fountaineer Event Image


9th November 2017
More Info


28th October 2017
More Info
These New South Whales Event Image

These New South Whales

27th October 2017
More Info
Lastlings Event Image


28th September 2017
More Info
I Know Leopard Event Image

I Know Leopard

16th September 2017
More Info
Le Pie Event Image

Le Pie

14th September 2017
More Info
IV League Event Image

IV League

9th September 2017
More Info
West Thebarton Event Image

West Thebarton

8th September 2017
More Info
Major Leagues Event Image

Major Leagues

12th August 2017
More Info
Didirri Event Image


11th August 2017
More Info
Verge Collection Event Image

Verge Collection

3rd August 2017
More Info
Maddy Jane Event Image

Maddy Jane

29th July 2017
More Info
Timberwolf Event Image


15th July 2017
More Info
Willow Beats Event Image

Willow Beats

14th July 2017
More Info
Woodes Event Image


8th July 2017
More Info
CLEA Event Image


6th July 2017
More Info
Golden Vessel Event Image

Golden Vessel

29th June 2017
More Info
Food Court Event Image

Food Court

24th June 2017
More Info
AYLA Event Image


22nd June 2017
More Info
Columbus Event Image


20th May 2017
More Info
Grenadiers Event Image


19th May 2017
More Info
nyck Event Image


28th April 2017
More Info
Flowertruck Event Image


15th April 2017
More Info
Postblue (Final show) Event Image

Postblue (Final show)

23rd March 2017
More Info
Lastlings Event Image


17th March 2017
More Info
Blyolk Event Image


9th March 2017
More Info
Slowly Slowly Event Image

Slowly Slowly

4th March 2017
More Info
PLTS Event Image


16th February 2017
More Info
Owen Rabbit Event Image

Owen Rabbit

3rd February 2017
More Info

"Soul Good Man" ft. Spencer Street Soul

30th December 2016
More Info
Resin Moon Event Image

Resin Moon

28th December 2016
More Info
Willow Beats Event Image

Willow Beats

8th December 2016
More Info
Jack River Event Image

Jack River

3rd December 2016
More Info
Polographia Event Image


25th November 2016
More Info
Jamatar Event Image


10th November 2016
More Info
Batts Event Image


3rd November 2016
More Info
Godwolf (Cup eve show) Event Image

Godwolf (Cup eve show)

31st October 2016
More Info
Middle Kids Event Image

Middle Kids

26th October 2016
More Info
Lepers & Crooks Event Image

Lepers & Crooks

22nd October 2016
More Info
Rolling Stone Live Lodge ft. Woodes Event Image

Rolling Stone Live Lodge ft. Woodes

4th October 2016
More Info
Apes Event Image


2nd October 2016
More Info
Rolling Stone Live Lodge feat. ECCA VANDAL Event Image

Rolling Stone Live Lodge feat. ECCA VANDAL

23rd September 2016
More Info
The Vanns Event Image

The Vanns

17th September 2016
More Info
Running Touch Event Image

Running Touch

15th September 2016
More Info
Mosquito Coast Event Image

Mosquito Coast

3rd September 2016
More Info
Tora Event Image


19th August 2016
More Info
Flamingo Event Image


12th August 2016
More Info
Lupa J Event Image

Lupa J

6th August 2016
More Info
Nussy Event Image


30th July 2016
More Info
Animaux Event Image


29th July 2016
More Info
Barely Standing Event Image

Barely Standing

14th July 2016
More Info
Fractures Event Image


8th July 2016
More Info
A.D.K.O.B. Event Image


2nd July 2016
More Info
Lepers & Crooks Event Image

Lepers & Crooks

27th May 2016
More Info
GodWolf Event Image


7th May 2016
More Info