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The Northcote Social Club has been a favourite spot for those trodding along the high street since the late 1800’s. For almost that long, live music has been a centrepiece of its offerings.

The venue is owned by the same group that operates The Corner Hotel, another Melbourne establishment dedicated to the promotion of up and coming Australian and international bands.

New bands on a single or album launch tour like the Hellions, Good Dogs and Tracy Mcneil no doubt see performing a show at The Northcote Social Club as a great career builder. The venue also has the reputation of attracting big names as well.

Not to be outdone by The Corner Hotel which has a list of celebrities who just happen to drop in and offer punters a legendary show, The Northcote Social Club also has its own stories to add to the tome of local music legend. The Pixies once dropped in to play a tuneup set before a concert, and Lady Gaga has a "secret" fourth of July party at the venue in 2012.

The Northcote Social Club, like its sibling The Corner, offers an extensive drink and a food menu that includes vegetarian and gluten-free option pub meals. If you love a good deal, the venue has a specials going almost every day of the week.

Happy Hour is every Friday with $7 house wine and steam ale. Thursday is a big night for carnivores with the club's famous $20 steak. Lovers of the grape only have to shell out $6 for house wines all night on Tuesdays.

The Northcote Social Club is well situated along Richmond's main thoroughfare in striking distance of the area's main shopping precinct.

Contact Details

Northcote Social Club, High Street, Northcote VIC, Australia
300 capacity
(03) 9489 3917

Getting There and Away

If travelling by bus get on 567 and get off at the High St/Mitchell stop and the Northcote Social Club is just a minute away on foot. If travelling via light rail, the 86 tram stops on Mitchell St/High St which is less than three minutes away from the venue on foot. If you prefer to go by train, the Northcote Train Station is just five minutes away on foot.

Northcote Social Club Events

Past Events at Northcote Social Club

Ex-Olympian - Afterlife Album Launch Event Image

Ex-Olympian - Afterlife Album Launch

21st October 2021
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Odette Event Image


9th May 2021
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Harrison Storm Event Image

Harrison Storm

3rd April 2021
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Mickey Kojak Event Image

Mickey Kojak

7th March 2020
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Jade Imagine Event Image

Jade Imagine

23rd November 2019
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SALES Event Image


21st November 2019
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imbi the girl Event Image

imbi the girl

7th November 2019
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RAT!hammock Event Image


1st November 2019
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Muto Event Image


26th October 2019
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CLEWS Event Image


25th October 2019
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Bootleg Rascal Event Image

Bootleg Rascal

31st August 2019
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Hein Cooper Event Image

Hein Cooper

30th August 2019
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Samsaruh Event Image


17th August 2019
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Kian Event Image


3rd August 2019
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Garrett Kato Event Image

Garrett Kato

2nd August 2019
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Bec Sandridge Event Image

Bec Sandridge

7th June 2019
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Fortunes. Event Image


1st June 2019
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Alice Ivy Event Image

Alice Ivy

31st May 2019
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I Know Leopard Event Image

I Know Leopard

22nd May 2019
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Jack Ladder Event Image

Jack Ladder

26th April 2019
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30/70 Event Image


4th April 2019
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Bugs Event Image


8th March 2019
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Kwame (SOLD OUT) Event Image

Kwame (SOLD OUT)

24th February 2019
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Gold Member Event Image

Gold Member

26th January 2019
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Nyxen [Live] (Sold Out) Event Image

Nyxen [Live] (Sold Out)

18th January 2019
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Kira Puru Event Image

Kira Puru

6th December 2018
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Robinson Event Image


5th December 2018
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Stella Donnelly (2nd Show) Event Image

Stella Donnelly (2nd Show)

2nd December 2018
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Stella Donnelly (Sold Out) Event Image

Stella Donnelly (Sold Out)

1st December 2018
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Kira Puru (Sold Out) Event Image

Kira Puru (Sold Out)

30th November 2018
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Retiree Event Image


24th November 2018
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Golden Vessel Event Image

Golden Vessel

23rd November 2018
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BATTS Event Image


5th November 2018
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Carmouflage Rose Event Image

Carmouflage Rose

2nd November 2018
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The Gooch Palms Event Image

The Gooch Palms

27th October 2018
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The Vanns Event Image

The Vanns

20th October 2018
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Olympia Event Image


18th October 2018
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