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Howler Melbourne

Howler Main Image

Howler is the one of Melbourne's premier arts and entertainment venues hosting the best and most eclectic artists. Events range from international bands and DJs, through to Fringe, Theatre and Pop Up events. Howler is a multifunctional, multifaceted arts hub and bar – a purpose-built labour of love – a concept space hidden within a Brunswick warehouse that encapsulates all that is good about design, music, theatre, cinema, art and a unique night out.

Howler operates Monday through to Sunday providing a vast variety of different entertainment options. From bands to DJs, Design to Theatre, Cinema to Comedy, It’s got it all.

Contact Details

7-11 Dawson Street, Brunswick VIC, Australia
400 capacity
(03) 9077 5572

Consisting of four separate spaces, Howler has the perfect room for nearly any occasion. It is an established destination hidden within an incredible warehouse space an is best known for its indoor - outdoor beer garden known as the Oasis of sound, light and air.

There are two parts of the venue that are usually used for gigs, The Theatre & The Gallery Bar. The Theatre at Howler has established itself as one of Melbourne's best stages for mid to large sized artists. World class production combined with exquisite sounds and lighting you know you are going to get a good show regardless of who is playing. The Gallery Bar is a beautiful yet intimate space and usually hosts anything from Engagement parties to private record launches.

Some epic shows that have hit the Howler stage recently are Poloshirt, SG Lewis, Quix, BORNS, Jack River, Middle Kids, Joyryde, Touch Sensitive, Cashmere Cat, Marlon Williams, Too Many Zooz, C.W Stoneking, San Holo + Many Many More!

If you haven't hit this incredible venue yet, Do it asap! Find out more by either visiting GiggedIn or getting some more info at Howler.com.

Getting There and Away

100m walk from either Jewell or Brunswick Station on the Upfield line. 50m from Stop 21 on the Number 19 (Coburg) Tram.

Howler Events

Tia Gostelow Event Thumbnail Image

Tia Gostelow

27th September
More Info
Tyne-James Organ Event Thumbnail Image

Tyne-James Organ

12th October
More Info
Bec Sandridge Event Thumbnail Image

Bec Sandridge

19th October
More Info
Gus Dapperton Event Thumbnail Image

Gus Dapperton

6th December
More Info

Past Events at Howler

Nyxen Event Image


16th August 2019
More Info
K FLAY Event Image


18th July 2019
More Info
Cassian Event Image


6th July 2019
More Info
Injury Reserve [Sold Out] Event Image

Injury Reserve [Sold Out]

12th June 2019
More Info
Press Club Event Image

Press Club

8th June 2019
More Info
QUIX Event Image


7th June 2019
More Info
City Calm Down [Sold Out] Event Image

City Calm Down [Sold Out]

19th May 2019
More Info
CXLOE Event Image


17th May 2019
More Info
Ok Moon [Sold Out] Event Image

Ok Moon [Sold Out]

10th May 2019
More Info
Tijuana Cartel Event Image

Tijuana Cartel

4th May 2019
More Info
Gold Fields Event Image

Gold Fields

20th April 2019
More Info
Mia Dyson Event Image

Mia Dyson

2nd March 2019
More Info
Tia Gostelow Event Image

Tia Gostelow

8th February 2019
More Info
Crepes Event Image


18th January 2019
More Info
Japanese Wallpaper Event Image

Japanese Wallpaper

16th December 2018
More Info
Mojo Juju (Sold Out) Event Image

Mojo Juju (Sold Out)

9th November 2018
More Info
Bootleg Rascal Event Image

Bootleg Rascal

5th November 2018
More Info
Lucianblomkamp & Two People Event Image

Lucianblomkamp & Two People

27th October 2018
More Info
Caravana Sun Event Image

Caravana Sun

26th October 2018
More Info
Ceres (Sold Out) Event Image

Ceres (Sold Out)

20th October 2018
More Info
Ceres (2nd Show) Event Image

Ceres (2nd Show)

19th October 2018
More Info
Sex On Toast Event Image

Sex On Toast

13th October 2018
More Info
These New South Whales Event Image

These New South Whales

12th October 2018
More Info
Thelma Plum Event Image

Thelma Plum

15th September 2018
More Info
Tkay Maidza (Sold Out) Event Image

Tkay Maidza (Sold Out)

14th September 2018
More Info
Tkay Maidza Event Image

Tkay Maidza

13th September 2018
More Info
Hoodie Allen Event Image

Hoodie Allen

8th September 2018
More Info
Fraser A. Gorman Event Image

Fraser A. Gorman

31st August 2018
More Info
Dave Hughes & Adam Rozenbachs Event Image

Dave Hughes & Adam Rozenbachs

24th August 2018
More Info
POLOSHIRT (Sold Out) Event Image


11th August 2018
More Info
Drapht Event Image


9th August 2018
More Info
SG Lewis Event Image

SG Lewis

27th July 2018
More Info
Willow Beats Event Image

Willow Beats

13th July 2018
More Info
Harts Event Image


7th July 2018
More Info
The Bennies & Young Offenders Event Image

The Bennies & Young Offenders

6th July 2018
More Info
Oscar Key Sung Event Image

Oscar Key Sung

22nd June 2018
More Info
Amber Isles Event Image

Amber Isles

31st May 2018
More Info
Totally Mild Event Image

Totally Mild

26th May 2018
More Info


8th May 2018
More Info
QUIX Event Image


28th April 2018
More Info
Didirri (Sold Out) Event Image

Didirri (Sold Out)

26th April 2018
More Info
Donny Benét Event Image

Donny Benét

14th April 2018
More Info
DJ Yoda Event Image

DJ Yoda

1st April 2018
More Info
The Pretty Littles Event Image

The Pretty Littles

29th March 2018
More Info
Reuben Stone Event Image

Reuben Stone

24th March 2018
More Info
Yoko-Zuna Event Image


23rd March 2018
More Info
Lanks Event Image


15th March 2018
More Info
The Harpoons Event Image

The Harpoons

3rd March 2018
More Info
Alice Ivy Event Image

Alice Ivy

24th February 2018
More Info
YES RAVE Event Image


9th February 2018
More Info
Raw Comedy 2018 Event Image

Raw Comedy 2018

3rd February 2018
More Info
Banoffee Event Image


2nd February 2018
More Info
Pony Face Event Image

Pony Face

27th January 2018
More Info


21st January 2018
More Info
Festival of Half Baked Ideas Event Image

Festival of Half Baked Ideas

20th January 2018
More Info
Let's Get Natural: Howler Event Image

Let's Get Natural: Howler

13th January 2018
More Info
Howie Lee Event Image

Howie Lee

12th January 2018
More Info
Too Many Zooz Event Image

Too Many Zooz

21st November 2017
More Info
Bec Sandridge Event Image

Bec Sandridge

17th November 2017
More Info
The Belligerents Event Image

The Belligerents

10th November 2017
More Info
Ivan Ooze Event Image

Ivan Ooze

21st October 2017
More Info
YEO Event Image


14th October 2017
More Info
Slowly Slowly Event Image

Slowly Slowly

6th October 2017
More Info
Luke Million Event Image

Luke Million

16th September 2017
More Info
The Creases Event Image

The Creases

15th September 2017
More Info
Tiny Little Houses Event Image

Tiny Little Houses

19th August 2017
More Info
Ainslie Wills Event Image

Ainslie Wills

20th July 2017
More Info
Spit Syndicate Event Image

Spit Syndicate

1st July 2017
More Info
TORA Event Image


23rd June 2017
More Info
Sex On Toast Event Image

Sex On Toast

10th June 2017
More Info
ONRA Event Image


12th May 2017
More Info
Dappled Cities Event Image

Dappled Cities

6th May 2017
More Info
The Griswolds (cancelled) Event Image

The Griswolds (cancelled)

29th April 2017
More Info
Gretta Ray Event Image

Gretta Ray

20th April 2017
More Info
Roland Tings Event Image

Roland Tings

14th April 2017
More Info
That's Amore (neo-burlesque, multimedia extravaganza) Event Image

That's Amore (neo-burlesque, multimedia extravaganza)

7th April 2017
More Info
Cosmo's Midnight Event Image

Cosmo's Midnight

24th March 2017
More Info
Hopestreet Recordings Party ft. The Public Opinion Afrto Orchestra, The Cactus Channel and more Event Image

Hopestreet Recordings Party ft. The Public Opinion Afrto Orchestra, The Cactus Channel and more

18th March 2017
More Info
Chrome Sparks Event Image

Chrome Sparks

11th March 2017
More Info
Ceres Event Image


10th March 2017
More Info
The Pretty Littles Event Image

The Pretty Littles

4th March 2017
More Info
Hards as Diamonds Ft. Tigertown Djs, Nussy, Lanks Djs, Owen Rabbit & more Event Image

Hards as Diamonds Ft. Tigertown Djs, Nussy, Lanks Djs, Owen Rabbit & more

25th February 2017
More Info
Fractures Event Image


24th February 2017
More Info
Buried Feather Event Image

Buried Feather

11th February 2017
More Info
Woodlock Event Image


21st January 2017
More Info
Drunk Mums Event Image

Drunk Mums

20th January 2017
More Info
Laughing Stock Pres: Half Baked Ideas (3 show pass) Event Image

Laughing Stock Pres: Half Baked Ideas (3 show pass)

13th January 2017
More Info
Vancouver Sleep Clinic Event Image

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

18th December 2016
More Info
BAD//DREEMS Event Image


3rd December 2016
More Info
Slum Sociable Event Image

Slum Sociable

1st December 2016
More Info
Lime Cordiale Event Image

Lime Cordiale

26th November 2016
More Info
Tiny Little Houses Event Image

Tiny Little Houses

25th November 2016
More Info
Ivan Ooze Event Image

Ivan Ooze

18th November 2016
More Info
Olympia Event Image


12th November 2016
More Info
Sex on Toast Event Image

Sex on Toast

5th November 2016
More Info
Stonefield Event Image


29th October 2016
More Info
Airling Event Image


28th October 2016
More Info
Friendships Event Image


27th October 2016
More Info
Ocean Alley Event Image

Ocean Alley

9th October 2016
More Info
Jai Wolf Event Image

Jai Wolf

23rd September 2016
More Info
GL 'Touch' Album Launch Event Image

GL 'Touch' Album Launch

10th September 2016
More Info
Oh Pep! Event Image

Oh Pep!

9th September 2016
More Info
Kilter Event Image


8th September 2016
More Info
KLLO Event Image


19th August 2016
More Info
I Oh You Presents: OXJAM Event Image

I Oh You Presents: OXJAM

5th August 2016
More Info
GANZ + AKOUO Event Image


28th July 2016
More Info
Elizabeth Rose Event Image

Elizabeth Rose

17th June 2016
More Info
Hayden Calnin Event Image

Hayden Calnin

11th June 2016
More Info
AARADHNA (NZ) Event Image


4th June 2016
More Info
Urthboy Event Image


26th May 2016
More Info
Tkay Maidza Event Image

Tkay Maidza

25th May 2016
More Info
Remi. Event Image


21st May 2016
More Info
Paces Event Image


20th May 2016
More Info
Henry Wagons & The Only Children Event Image

Henry Wagons & The Only Children

14th May 2016
More Info
Neon Alley Event Image

Neon Alley

13th May 2016
More Info
Black Cab Event Image

Black Cab

5th May 2016
More Info