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Passes rollover every month and you can cancel anytime.

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Browse our list of gigs, festivals, clubs and cinema. Hit RSVP to exchange 1 GiggedIn pass for a guaranteed spot at the gig.

Want to bring a mate? Click +1 when you RSVP to use a pass to claim an extra spot. Don’t stress if you haven’t got enough passes, you can always buy extra when RSVPing.

Can’t make it anymore? No stress, cancel your RSVP up to 3 hours before doors open and get the passes added back to your account.

3. Turn Up

Access your tickets on the day by logging into your account and downloading them from the “My Gigs” section. If it’s a guestlist event, your name will already be on the doorlist so just rock up with ID and have a good time.


Is this legit?

We could try convince you about how legit we are (note: we’re super legit) but we’ll let others do the talking. Just check out our FB reviews, SBS feature or give us a quick google.

Still seems too good to be true

How could it possibly be legit? Well, we work really hard to negotiate deals with the best managers, agents and promoters in the industry so we can get members into the mosh at affordable prices. We’re all about supporting artists and filling rooms while making live music so affordable and easy that you have no excuse to stay on the couch.

What if I run out of passes?

Pat yourself on the back for going to heaps of gigs. Then upgrade your plan or buy an extra pass to hit up more gigs.

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course. We know commitment is scary which is why you can cancel anytime, no extra fees, no hard feelings.

Just need a break? You can put your account on free hold for as long as you want and still access select shows we make available for hold members.

What are premium events?

These are gigs which are a bit too expensive to list as regular events. So we cover some of the ticket price and give you the most affordable access to tickets for a one off fee.

Hold Account

  • Unlimited double RSVPs to select events made available to members on hold.
  • Keep any unused passes and active RSVPs for up to 3 months before they expire.
  • Retain access to the members area and use GiggedIn as a free taste-made curated gig guide any time you want.
  • Note: hold will be effective immediately. When you reactivate, your billing cycle will restart.

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