Scalping scam: how to avoid falling victim this gig season

Words by Raffaella Ciccarelli

Scalpers. They are the bane of the entertainment industry; ripping off fans, and in the long run, artists alike.

Transparency and trust between bands, artists, and their fans is essential when it comes to building a meaningful musical relationship. Why?

Well, raise your hand if you’ve ever felt the pain of missing out on tickets to your favourite artist, only to Google them and find people scalping tickets at an exorbitant cost. We’re talking Metallica tix with an original RRP of $133.25 being sold for over $1,000. It kind of cheapens the process right? You may feel a little of that trust break-down – like you haven’t been looked after.

At the end of the day artists don’t want this to happen. Yet we still see it on FB event pages, Viagogo and even some official resale. sites. Too often you will see tickets sold at double, sometimes even triple, their original venue.

So here at GiggedIn, we’re deciding to take matters into our own hands because we’re passionate about music and live entertainment, and don’t want to see fans of live music ripped-off. Ever. At the end of the day, if you love an act so much you want to invest time and money to see them, you should be rewarded, not ripped-off.

So what are we doing?

1. Flexible tickets at no extra cost

We know that sometimes due to bad luck, illness, or misadventure, sometimes plans fall through and you can’t make it.

We don’t want you to be out of pocket if this happens. So, you can cancel your tickets on GiggedIn up to 3 hours before doors open and get your GiggedIn credits added back to your account. No extra fees, nothing. This way there is no need for any reselling and just like that – scalpers are a thing of the past. You will NEVER see them on our platform.

 2. Never pay more than RRP

GiggedIn gives you easy access to the hottest shows in town. But money never actually trades hands – we operate on a monthly Netflix-style subscription service. Only it’s for music. GiggedIn credit accumulates, which you can exchange for tickets.

We work hard with the best managers, agents and promoters in the music industry to get people moshing away and the last thing we want to do is put people out of pocket by charging exorbitant fees. So even when some spots free up for a sold-out gig the night of, you’ll pay the original listing price and nothing more. 

Sounds pretty good right?

If you’re keen to give us a go, we’re giving away 2 bonus credits (that’s $29.90 value!) to new GiggedIn members because we know it can be scary trying something new. Click here to claim.

And if you don’t find a gig you love in your first month, we’ll give you your money back. Easy as.

In the meantime, here’s a few other things to bear in mind when buying live music tickets:

  • Always buy from authorized ticket sellers.
  • Don’t fret if you miss out first go; additional seats, and alternative concert dates may also be released.
  • Pay by credit card: that way you may be able to get the money back by chargeback
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