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Who: KWAME | Next Gig: #soon  | Listen: WOW

This young 20 year old from the surburbs of Western Sydney is moving our feet and body in the utmost stylish way with truly clever lyrics and infused electronic sounds. Escorted by his recent inclusion on Triple Js Unearthed artist of the week which many Aussie artists long for and receiving a strong reception at that, along with impressing well known New York Harlem rapper ASAP Ferg during his actual show at Metro Theatre in Sydney (insane right!). His pure talent and flare Kwame is one to keep an eye out for especially as Kwame has recently just dropped his second EP ‘Endless Conversations’ which follows ‘Lessons Learned’ and explores the concept of the turbulence of lifes challenges and the relationships we embark on. Nothing within life is complete without many tests of love and this notion strikes throughout the EP – the track ‘WOW’ will give you a great introduction into Kwames fresh outlook of all these things and his clear direction, flare and style of music to expect. Kwame will be travelling around the nation throughout the year and including his EP Launch in all major cities including Victoria and Sydney with shows spread out throughout Australia so check out his socials for more and support our artist to watch!

 Who: ANGIE MCMAHON | Next Gig: SYD | MEL | Listen: SLOW MOVER

Melbourne singer song writer Angie McMahon captivates, stuns and oozes an alluring characteristic with both personal and musical flare – we have a big crush on Angie here! She has a powerhouse voice that’s bold and unapologetic accompanied by beautiful guitar play with fine tones and levels. She absorbs the best type of songwriters’ power in her blissful lyrical ability and sharing the stage with the likes of Father John Misty, Alanis Morissette and more you can tell this young talent has all the potential and magic laying on her finger tips. Wait till she plays that glorious guitar also, you will know what we mean. Angie made the massive Laneway 2018 line up here in Sydney and destroyed the stage, her previous 2017 APRA’s Josh Pyke Partnership Grant played a helpful part in her exposing the talent she obtains. With astonishing tracks like ‘Slow Mover’ and ‘Missing Me’ you better jump on this band wagon quick and remember to tell all your mates about her with gigs coming up in both Melbourne and Sydney this July!

Who: TOTTY | Next Gig: SYD | MEL | Listen: SIGH

Hailing from Sydneys Coastal City of Wollongong this three piece band has been pushing through the ranks of the Australian music scene in past months and with the success of their newly released EP ‘Cut The Poppies’ there’s only one direction for these legends and it’s up! Containing an easy breezy approach (so it seems from the surface) it spills over to their tracks as they’re the perfect amount of unapologetic, head nodding, sing along vibes – with their Debut Single ‘RIFF’ standing for ‘Remember it’s for fun’ this should highlight the heart and a better understanding for the culture Totty possess. Along with a rumoured (and confirmed) great live performance the band have a friendship we all look for, it’s fantastic to watch happen in front of you. These guys will be hitting the road this July starting in Sydney and making sure to hit Brisbane, Melbourne, Byron and ending all the back in their home town of Wollongong we suggest you represent pure Australian music and get down to support these legends!

Who: EDUARDO MUCHACHO | Next Gig: #soon | Listen: Day Spa

Introducing an up and coming producer you need to hear, Eduardo Muchacho provides airy underground sound with an intriguing, mind of its own vision that’s refined and fresh as your mothers garden bed. His track contains large groove infused base lines, soulful injections of vocal insights and a percussion that moves your body to the effortless flow and direction whenever his floor fillings decide to take you. Shortly after his release of loved track ‘Intoxicated’ the likes of Groove Armanda, Jamie Jones, Gordon City and Aussie legends RUFUS praised the track and gave hope to all that house music is still alive and making its way back into the scene. Radio outlets such as Beats 1 overseas and here in Australia saw Triple J and KLP appreciate his sounds also. His steaming now track ‘Day Spa’ represents all that is Eduardo Muchacho with a crafted blend of funky house sounds, smooth synth work and contagious late night dance floor vibes – it takes his artistry to the next level and one we’ve come to love from this man! Join us to the uprising of good house and dance tracks and get on the Eduardo Muchacho train.

Words by:
Jessica Martinez
GiggedIn Contributor

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