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Its not an App but it’s probs the next best thing!

We know how much you guys want an ‘App’ and we promise, you will get one soon. Until then, Check out this little shortcut to help with your gig browsing.

How to put a GiggedIn Icon on your phone home screen to make checking the GiggedIn Members dashboard 10 x easier.

Step 1: Open Safari
Step 2: Hit the + button at the bottom of your browser
Step 3: Swipe right till you hit ‘Add to Home Screen’
Step 4: Name it GiggedIn
Step 5: Hit ‘Add’

The below video shows you how to do this on an iPhone but it can also be done for Android.


p.s. I’m in the business of finding you sick shows not of movie editing so pls excuse the amateur hour production :)

<3 Dan

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