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With the new study out this week showing that listening to live music can boost your quality of living and actually make you live longer we’re providing the Aussie tunes that just may well do that – sometimes music is literally just what the doctor should order. Something paramount that was discovered by behavioural science professor Patrick Fagan and the wireless company O2 is that attending a live gig every two weeks profoundly impacts mental and emotional health which “could pave the way for almost a decade more years of life”.

That’s something Giggedin promotes and provides and with the below artists (mostly) coming up this year in our available gigs, screw your yoga and get along to a few more gigs!

Who: MICRANext Gig: SYD | Listen: Child Grows Old

Sydney based artists Micra have a dreamy like texture to their sound with effortless transitions and smooth as the morning waves vocals providing a spellbinding sound, not too dissimilar to that of Tame Impala for those wanting a true comparison. Their music has drive, a direction and potential to bloom into something exciting as hell – something the Sydney scene craves and with just one track up on their Triple J Unearthed page (Child Grows Old) we do hope to see some more absorbing tracks soon!

 LOODSNext Gig: #SOON | Listen: Around

This high energy act is running riot in London now however gracing from humble beginnings in Newcastle, NSW. His large, beat loving tracks are hypnotic and run familiar with the old school underground dance tracks that were all about the music, clear production and listening pleasure – no tricks just music. With ongoing projects with London suit Steel City Dance Discs and playing day/night parties to underground scenes, his sound sings well there in the heart of talented artists and producers. For any Aussie aboard try get around, search him up and get down to a few unforgettable gigs.


Who: BUGSNext Gig: SYD | MEL | Listen: Glue

A group of loveable mates hailing from Brisbane, QLD gives us an infectious sound similar to that of other Aussie legends in Hockey Dad and Dune Rats. A contagious feel with massive hooks, oddly relatable lyrics (don’t lie to yourself) and a mass of head swaying vibes, this punk pop band is refreshing and not afraid to show their bashful, high energy side in a live performance. The band featured on Triple J artist of the week and surely a rush of adoring fans which propelled their appearance at Falls Music Festival over new years appeared quickly, with sold out shows now around the nation we advise this be on your gig list to catch this year!


Who: JACK GRACE | Next Gig: SYD | MEL  | Listen: All Lost

Sydney based produced Jack Grace has a personalised and distinct sound to his artistry that has made us turn our heads and put up the volume to 10 with his alluring darkness and smooth deconstruction of the emotional depths to each song. With early experience with Jazz and Classical sounds he possess a formidable understanding of the process and power music provides, through his tracks you can feel his handle each with care and guidance. Instrumental work, gorgeous beats, production prowess and longing lyrics sum up what Jack Grace is and with confidence he will continue to grow and should be celebrated and followed through his journey.


Words by:
Jessica Martinez
GiggedIn Contributor

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