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There’s nothing worse than getting caught up in the steady barrage of music that doesn’t exactly fill that appetite for new music that’s wanting a special sound or connectivity to the artist, that’s why we sourced those artists who are pushing boundaries and making transcending sounds. These artists have huge potential to break through this year so be first to here them here!

Here is the selection of artists we’re jamming to.

Who: G FLIPNext Gig: #SOON  | Listen: About You

Why: It’s impossible not to get caught up in the hype G Flip is currently getting within the music community – this young, talented Melbourne artist G Flip (also known as Georgia Flipo to her mother) has had her chance to flaunt her talent on Triple J Unearthed just a couple weeks ago with her single ‘About You’ which had an invigorating response. She’s a refreshing artist with a youthful sound, bouncy melodies and a smooth presence that exploits the synth and her gorgeous vocals in the best possible way. G Flips lyrics project something we all know or have experienced, lost love and longing – her vulnerability is to be praised and any girl that can utterly destroy the stage on the drums is something to be respected. We expect to see alot more from G Flip this year, watch this space!

 VERGE COLLECTIONNext Gig: SYD | MEL | Listen: Our Place

Why: These guys are an exciting band straight from our west coasts of Perth, WA with an individual sound and the most relatable, down to earth style of music circulating the Australian music scene at the moment. There’s a humble quality in reference to their lyrics with a bit of grit and dirt to their musical approach providing a ying-yang balance to the outcome of their songs. We advice if you haven’t heard these gentlemen before


Who: YOKO-ZUNANext Gig: SYD | MEL | Listen: Yes

Why: The pinnacle of how music is limitless and can be moulded into whatever the minds creator finds of importance is showcased in Yoko-Zuna. This New Zealand act combined both electronic and hip hop concepts into their music, something that their home land have never experienced before. Nothing better than to be different to break through. They’ve got flare and talent to bun up with beats that are mean and lyrics that are raw with powerful hip hop and R&B blended vibes, this band live will be something special. Their progressive style is also represented in the well produced film clips with an inclusive, judgement free feeling which we love being represented by the next generation of sounds! Their chemistry as a group shows with their effortless tracks, I’d keep my eye out on this group.


Who: POW! NEGRONext Gig: #SOON  | Listen: Money For Portraits

Why: This dynamic six piece band is high energy, powerful and filled with attitude with an infusion of jazz, smooth as sax lines and soul along with opinionated topics including todays society, oppression, gender balance and appreciation and MORE POW! Negro are a powerhouse! They take all other musical sounds and throw them straight out the window, creating an individual sound of their own has in turn generated a firm following as they know the craft inside and out and this will never go unnoticed with music lovers. Imagine if Rage Against the Machine, rewind back to 90s Dr Dre and Bleeding Gums Murphy from The Simpsons had love child this would be the sound – WILD! If it’s their psychedelic flaire, lyric ability or jamming prowess you love then get down this week and support these legends live

So there you have it, these are just some of our favourite underdog artists ready to break through the very thin layer to becoming the next big thing within Australian music. We at Giggedin support all artists, music styles and nothing excites us more than seeing fresh talent get a platform! Follow us on our socials to catch the exclusive first looks at the hottest artists this year. Better yet jump online and tell us who YOU are anticipating big things from this year!

Words by:
Jessica Martinez
GiggedIn Contributor

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