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2 Day Tickets to Mountain Sounds 2018: Just Listed on GiggedIn


We’ve got TWO DAY TIX to Mountain Sounds Festival, and we’re listing them for just ONE PASS!

How is this possible?

As a huge THANK YOU to all of our members, we’re taking you to Mountain Sounds for TWO WHOLE DAYS for just ONE PASS.

Yes, that’s Friday AND Saturday!

We’ve been working pretty damn hard behind the scenes to get these… we hope you’re as excited as we are! Think Peking Duk, Gang of Youths, Grouplove, Hockey Dad and HEAPS more (full lineup here).

So drop all your plans, because here’s all you need to know to get access:

1. Make sure you’re signed up to GiggedIn

You get access to heaps of sick gigs (The Jungle Giants, Confidence Man, Winston Surfshirt, Alex Lahey and TONNES more). Membership starts at $14.95 a month for 1 pass/month and you can hold or cancel your membership ANYTIME, no strings attached.

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2. Get the rest of your crew in

What fun is this kind of RIDICULOUS deal if you can’t bring your mates (and earn a bit of extra credit for the next few months?) All you need to do is send them your referral link. How? You click CLAIM $10 when you sign up, and we’ll give you a unique link. Your mates get 50% off their first month, and you get $10 credit.

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3. BRING A MATE using your extra passes

Use your extra passes to bring a mate to the festival too! Or, if you don’t have any extra passes, just buy one for $14.95. All you need to do is click ME+1 and then confirm you’re happy to pay.

4. Click here to RSVP to Mountain Sounds for just ONE PASS

This includes your FESTIVAL ONLY ticket for Friday 16th and Saturday 17th March (RRP $239). Once you RSVP, your spot will be reserved and we’ll send you your ticket on the morning of the 16th Feb. Too easy! Remember, unless you wanna be roaming the streets all night, you need to follow our next step and sort your accommodation!

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 13.42.45

5. Sort your sleeping sitch out ASAP

We wanna make sure you’ve got your sleeping sitch sortd (if you’re the kind that likes to get some sleep) so you can purchase your camping ticket here OR if that sells out, why not use that money you would’ve spent on a ticket to hook yourself up at a sweet Airbnb

giphy (15)

6. RSVP RIGHT NOW, then Pack your bags!

Seriously we cannot freaking wait!! Get yourself a case, pack some fresh undies, chuck in some glitter and head up to Mount Penang Parklands ASAP. We’ll catch you there :)

Got questions?

Shoot us an email at [email protected] if you a) don’t believe us b) think this is a scam or c) want to thank us by showering us with gifts!

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