Infinite Artist Spotlight feat. Floating Points, Alec Bonnici, Endless Heights, the Morrisons & MORE!

Infinite Artist Spotlight

Here it is again: your once-weekly definitive guide for generally awesome indie talent! GiggedIn’s Infinite Artist Spotlight brings you great gigs and live music, ranging from post-core to bluegrass back all the way to EDM from our very own Aussie acts and musos across the sea. This week we take a look at six artists who, luck would have it, are all playing across some of Australia’s most vibrant venues in the next few days. Take a listen, grab yourself a ticket and check out some new music!

Alec Bonnici

The Aussie DJ and producer who calls Sydney home is back with his new track ‘Sudem’. Bonnici has been gigging it up around Australia for a couple of months now but you can catch him back at home this Friday.

Sounds like… EDM, house, trance, future house.

For fans of… Deadmau5 and Globe. If you grew up watching anime, you’ll remember Cyborg 009’s mind-blowing ending theme and that’s what we get here from Bonnici.

See him live… Friday 11th December at Home Nightclub: Summer Sessions, alongside TK, Nanna Does, Clueless, Hijckd + Semo, Chidibang. Grab your pass via Infinite!

For a better idea of Bonnici’s sound, as well as some sweet remixes, check out his Soundcloud page.

Floating Points

Well-known Eglo Records co-founder and much loved London musician Sam Shepherd, also known as Floating Points, is returning to Australia after dropping his debut full-length EP ‘Elaenia’ early November with tracks Nespole and Silhouettes 1, 2 and 3. More than your run-of-the-mill electro stuff, Floating Points likes playing with classical and jazz sounds, afrobeats and atmospheric feels. He’s touted as an innovator, so have a listen and see why, if you haven’t already.

Sounds like… some jazz sounds and modern classical stuff with a hint of Daft Punk’s more out-there, let’s-think-about-life groove creations.

For fans of… early Daft Punk or when they went off the mainstream, groove, modern jazz, atmosphere

See him live… catch Floating Points this Saturday 19th December at Oxford Art Factory in Darlinghurst. Passes are available via Giggedin Infinite. 

Check out the sublime and melodic ‘Silhouettes‘ now.

The Morrisons

Australian folk band The Morrisons are launching their new single Wild Eleanor this Thursday at Brighton Up Bar. The song has received critical acclaim, winning the Australian Song Writer’s Associations’ Folk/Acoustic Song of the Year for 2014.

In true bluegrass tradition, The Morrisons sing about life in Australia and make use of folky instruments, such as the banjo, fiddle, guitar, bass, mandolin and, yes, occasionally the odd washboard.

Sounds like… folk, but better than you’d think. The new generation of bluegrass is made up of awesome musos and they deserve a go. Mainstream wise, they sound a bit like Mumford and Sons.

For fans of… bluegrass, folk and country music that isn’t too cheesy.

See them live… The Morrisons are playing at the Brighton Up Bar on Thursday 17th December. Be there or be square!

This is Wild Eleanor – have a listen and see what you think!

Endless Heights

Sydney boys Endless Heights are back for three shows only, alongside special guests Downside and Littlehorn. These are special end-of-year shows after their European tour with Break Even and the casual ‘Teach You How to Leave’ LP release in the midst of it all. The LP only went and sold out all of its pre-order vinyl press and the single Haunt Me even got rotation on triple J. Oh, and last but not least, Endless Heights have been signed by Select Music, the up-and-coming agency, set up by Stephen Wade and Rob Giovannoni, who are also responsible for the success of Passenger and Miami Horror, among others.

Sounds like… hardcore rock/punk, but that would be post-core now.

For fans of… Placebo – those who are inclined to the harder stuff might also be fans.

See them live… They’re at Brighton Up Bar on Friday 18th December. Grab your pass now via Infinite!

Watch the ‘Haunt Me’ music video here!

Jim Laurie

Jim Laurie is sharing the headlines at Brighton Up Bar this Saturday with Christopher Coleman Collective.

Jim’s been at Falls and the Southbound Festival circuit this year, after dropping full-length album number two ‘Eons’ in February and scoring his first AIR nomination. Now he and his band are bringing you their new thought-provoking groove Antisocialite, along with a string of shows to celebrate it.

Sounds … Anthem-y. There are bits of so many sounds from bands, but really Jim’s is a sound all of its own.

For fans of… Stripped down lyrics and sounds – music that means something.

See them live... Saturday 19th December, Brighton Up Bar. Grab your passes via Infinite.

This is Antisocialite. What do you think?

Fraser A. Gorman

A to the point, makes ugly sound pretty, true life lyricist, Fraser A. Gorman’s back from the United States after receiving critical acclaim on the other side of the world. He’s taking a break from this career high with his critically acclaimed LP ‘Slow Gum’, released earlier this year. He’s doing a quick December tour in Australia with the release of a new video, Never Gonna Hold You (Like I Do), before heading off to the UK and Europe for more groundbreaking music shows.

Sounds like… something about Gorman’s voice makes you think of Big Audio Dynamite’s Mick Jones. There’s an element of telling you like it is, aside from the timbre.

For fans of… well-written songs, folky-slow rock sounds.

See him live… Gorman’s going to be at GoodGod Small Club this Thursday 17th December. You should go.

Also, check out Fraser’s Soundcloud for some more sweet sounds.

All shows on GiggedIn Infinite go live at 12pm, 2 days before each event. sign up or login now, to browse our current shows.

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