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Emotive new video for Szymon single, Golden

With over 100K plays on Soundcloud and a #9 on Hypemachine, Syzmon’s single, Golden, is now accompanied by a breathtaking film clip. The latest single from Syzmon’s upcoming album Tigersapp, the Golden clip is compiled of captivating scenic shots that transmit a desire to just ‘be’.

Captured in Scotland, the film explores an alternate reality where the sun only rises once every 23 years. Having tragically lost his own battle with depression several years ago at the age of 23, the Syzmon film clip duos as a tribute to his short but innovative life.

Syzmon Borzestowski wrote and recorded Golden in 2008 and in effort to preserve his evident talent, the Borzestowski family contacted industry representatives who’ve since produced and shared Syzmon’s music with the world.

Szymon’s music is so otherworldly but also really honest and humble and I felt any visual depictions needed to find that same balance…The music video for Golden came from a fascination of looking at seemingly mundane elements, like light, in a new and different way” says director of the video, Emile Fredrick, who has produced this stunning visual parallel of this track.



Golden will feature on the upcoming album Tigersapp, released by Szymon’s family and friends in his memory via Eloper Music.

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