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Interview: Dead Brian

If you haven’t heard of Dead Brian, do yourself a favour now. Look them up- their psychedelic sounds are definitely a treat for your ears. The Sydney band consists of talents from Marc, Dylan, Bowen and Taylor.

Last week Dead Brian released their first single of 2015, ‘Golden’ and we decided to crash their band practice at 11pm that night with a can of bacon flavoured beer as an incentive to chat with us.

The rehearsal studio was the definition of eclectic; the vending machine had been altered so that instead of a Fanta you received a $2.50 can of VB, a 3m guitar cut-out stood standing behind the lounges that had been strategically positioned to cater for prime mid-rehearsal smoking/drinking sessions. Their manager, Remi, let us into their rehearsal space and all it took was one look at Bowen killing it on drums whilst his vending-machine VB can balanced on his floor tom to know that these dudes were fucking cool.

We sat down and got cozy on the couches. The discovery of Taylor’s consciously-but-poorly hidden bottle of red made the whole night more interesting. Through swigs of wine and drags of cigarettes, we got to know the boys a little better.


Krissy: Thanks for letting us crash your rehearsal guys! You guys began playing together several years back in a band called Call To Colour, how old were you when you guys all met one another? 

B- I think 7…

M- 7?!

D- Yeah we met when we were younger but we didn’t start a band until we were like, year 9

B- Lets just say no one had pubes

M- That’s not true

D- I had plenty of pubes


Krissy: Dead Brian– who is Brian and how did he die?

D- Brian is the guy on the back of cigarette packets and he died of aids- I think?

M- He died of cigarettes

T- No that’s the whole point!

M- Yeah I know it’s some government thing… they want you to think he died from smoking


Krissy: You boys lived together for a while, how did that go? Did you get on each other’s nerves?

B- We never really got on each other’s nerves

D- We got along really well. We’re all just really lazy

T- We lived with like, 15 other people at the time – we actually scared a pest control guy out of the house

B- He was a great guy but couldn’t handle our house, there was just too much work to be done

M- He said he was going to come back in 5 days!

B- Yeah, he never came back….


Krissy: If you guys had to commit to an on-stage costume, what would it be?

M- Brown suits

T- A sock

D- Definitely kids socks


Krissy: Brown suits with kids socks?

M- No socks. Ankles showing. Real Raunchy.


Krissy: When you guys aren’t rehearsing, recording or writing, what do you get up to? Do you all hang out together?

M- No (everyone laughs, some argument about that afternoons basketball game ensues)

D - He tripped me over!

T- I did not trip you over, you tripped yourself over. You fell over your own fat feet, dude

D- No. No. You were so sour about losing, I was like *dunk, dunk, dunk*

M- No we do fun things together… like smoking, and drinking


Krissy: Who would win in a drinking competition?

D- Maybe Bowen

M- Nooo, me

D- You wouldn’t fucking win for shit, bro

M- Dude I’ve got pace, you guys are sprinters

T- Let him have it Mark, give him something


Krissy: Well thanks for having us guys, enjoy your night… I’m sure you will- that bottle of red wine is emptying quickly….

T - Argh DICKS!


Come meet the boys yourself tonight at The Vic on the Park Hotel in Marrickville  for their single launch. Supporting them are Yeevs and Ruth Carp and the Fish Heads.

If you’re into The Black Angels, Dead Meadow or Mt. Mountains, then you’re going to be into Dead Brian. Their psychedelic rock makes you feel as though you’re surfing through the Wild West whilst head banging and smoking a joint…. Yep, we’ll see you tonight. More info here.

Download Golden for FREE

P.S This Saturday night the boys are supporting Bin Juice, further details can be found here!


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