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An insight into ‘Deeper Than House’, an event you can’t miss!

No lockouts, no last drinks, live electronic entertainment, a ‘no dickhead’ policy, certified deep house music, professional photography, a venue thriving with culture and an event composed of diversity … a once a month rarity and it’s happening tonight.

Deeper Than House is essentially an innovative competition where 16 established DJs from around the world compete in live heats for the title of Sydney’s ultimate deep house DJ and a cash prize of 2.5K.  Inspired by the underground music scene in Berlin, tonight you can expect sexy drops, dim red lighting and carefree company. Last month, Deeper Than House reached capacity in a couple of hours and with the events popularity drastically increasing, we envision that next month, deep-house fans will be setting up camp the week before, a human trail winding through the streets of Erskineville. Held at The Imperial, heat three kicks off at 10pm and we suggest you get there early…. finishing at 6am, we suggest you pace yourself.

Founders of DTH and super nice people, Melanie and Matt, visited our office last week to talk about the night that you asked for and how they’ve endeavored to deliver.

“We constructed a market survey and the results alerted us of a gap in the market.” Matt revealed. “Sydney wanted more deep-house music and over 6 months we developed this event. Together we’ve given Deeper Than House all of our energy and it’s paying off better than we could have ever expected.”

DTH is presented by Husssy, an early 2014 initiative that begun as an event that embraced the gay and lesbian community.

“The word hussy, to us, is promiscuous in a respectful way … flirty without flaunting it. It’s cheeky and it’s caught on.” – Melanie disclosed.

Over the last year, Hussy has developed to incorporate event aspects that have resulted in a consistently increasing clientele.  Despite the advancing popularity, Husssy, as a company remains humble, maintaining their core values of diversity and acceptance.

“The word hussy, to us, is promiscuous in a respectful way … flirty without flaunting it. It’s cheeky and it’s caught on.”

“It’s important for a successful business person or entrepreneur to have core values, you can’t go in and think dollar sign or popularity” Melanie explained. “Ultimately, it’s about respect. If you respect someone, you’ll receive that in return. Deeper Than House reflects this and that’s one aspect that ensures its success. Attendants arrive, leaving their differences at home, and enjoy the night together. No one cares what you’re wearing or how you talk… they don’t care about your race, gender or sexuality – they come sharing our passion for deep house music and the resulting vibe is unlike any other.”

It’s obvious that Melanie and Matt are passionate about their music and having a real good time, and in turn, creating an exciting, enjoyable and accepting community surrounding this event. One of our favourite aspects of this event is their ‘House Code.’

What you can expect from us ?
- A well designed light and visual production.
- Relaxed dress code (whatever you feel most comfy in)
- Easily accessible venue by public transport with parking on the street / car park next door.
– Certified Deep House music.
– Local talent, performing on their a-game.
– A relaxed, carefree venue, in which you can enjoy yourself.
– Absolutely no lockouts.
– Absolutely no last drinks.
– Amazing staff to help and ensure your night is the most enjoyable.
– Party kicks on till 6am (unless patron numbers are extremely low).

What we expect from you ?
- Simply enjoy yourselves and have respect for one another. Music is a universal love that doesn’t discriminate, put all indifferences aside.

So no matter your walk of life, come along tonight and experience the event that has taken Sydney by storm. And if you’re still umming and ahhing about coming along – check out what went on last time!

More info HERE!


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