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Lose Yourself To This Super-Addictive Daft Punk Sound Pad

Sometimes it feels like French dance duo Daft Punk must have stumbled onto some sort of formula that helps them create successful hit after successful hit, and now an American web developer has come pretty darn close to cracking the code with Stronger, an interactive Daft Punk sound pad.

Simple in conceit and simpler in design and ease of use, Dave Alger‘s sound pad comprises a semi-invisible grid of sample sounds – robot voices saying things like “POWER” and “FASTER” and “WORK IT” and “OVER” and “MAKE IT” and, naturally, “STRONGER”, alongside all other manner of wonder two-syllable interjections – which the user can click in time (or not in time, but it honestly sounds better if you at least play by some semblance of rules) with an accompanying club-style instrumental backing track. It’s all simple shapes and movement but, goshdarnit, is it fun.


Be warned, though, the track does eventually end… but then you can just refresh the page and start that sick beatTMalllll over again. Make all your bedroom dancefloor dreams come true right here.

Alger, a former software developer at Microsoft who now works as a senior web applications developer for Texas-based IT management firm SolarWinds, created the site (apparently) in an evening, explaining in a Reddit link to the freshly completed site that his wife “took one for the team as I built this webpage tonight… Be sure to thank her, and you’re welcome!”

So, thank you, Mrs Dave Alger. Your sacrifice means that we’re guaranteed to waste a solid portion of our day with your husband’s infectious creation, losing ourselves to dance, if you will.


Sourced From The Music Feeds HERE.

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