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Backyard chills and chats with ‘Kudos’

As I’m setting up my amateur recording equipment in his back yard, preparing for our interview, I break the first rule any good journalist is taught to follow and allow Kudos a quick glance at the questions I’m about to ask (an exchange perhaps even more amateur than my equipment). Rather than be met with anticipated skepticism or hesitation, Kudos unexpectedly suggests I ask more personal questions. Not long after commencing our interview it became apparent that honesty and intimacy are two values of which Kudos actively couriers through life and passionately expresses through his lyrics.

“My main goal is to be as honest as possible, starting with being honest to myself. The truth in my lyrics has developed through observing people and situations … through watching and learning. I like to connect with someone, look them in the eyes, feel them”.

Kudos is a spiritual being who’s real-life experiences have influenced his sound. Despite having recently moved to Melbourne, Kudos acknowledges 25 years in his small hometown of Noosa, QLD for his uniquely developed style.

“Growing up in Noosa has made me a lot more individual, it’s less saturated. Hip-hop isn’t traditionally from places like Noosa… I like to speak where I’m from, I breathe it in.”

Kudos has spent his last couple of months in Melbourne, mingling amongst the diverse culture and writing about his discoveries. When he isn’t putting pen to paper or performing for captivated crowds, Kudos frequents leisurely destinations for the sole purpose of observing life.

“Every experience influences me. To be a good writer you’ve got to learn to connect and open yourself up to the creative influence that’s around us.”

Kudos’ sound is distinctly fascinating; his perceptive lyrics resulting in verses filled with profound meaning and delivered with passionate emotion.

Despite regularly drawing in crowds, Kudos remains humble – “I’ll play for five people… I just like sharing my music.”

Currently collaborating with producer, The Architect, Kudos is expecting to release a new album in the foreseeable future. Although a release date hasn’t been confirmed, the talented Sunshine Coast boys are forecasting interstate tours over the coming months.

Expect fresh tracks, expect surprise collaborations and expect to have you expectations exceeded!



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