Eves Karydas

Eves Karydas has had 4 events featured on GiggedIn in the past. We totally froth over this artist and will have them again soon.

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"KARYDAS is 19 years old but she has more ferocity than someone twice her age. A self-professed lover of experiments… She manages to create stories that sound decidedly not of our time, but not of any time really, as they exist on a plane all their own." -Pigeons and Planes (NY) "I hear an artist that is giving us a small glimpse at her desire to experiment with sound, not just song structures but with the dynamics and atmospheres and moods of her compositions." -Heavy & Weird "So it’s been about 15 minutes since I’ve found this song, and I’m just sitting here absolutely gobsmacked by the talent on display" -Indie Shuffle "It would be an easy mistake to make to think Hannah must be an established, mid-career songstress when you first hear new single “Heavy.” -hillydilly (vancouver)

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17th February, 2019
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16th February, 2019
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Eves Karydas (Sold Out) Event Thumbnail Image

Eves Karydas (Sold Out)

18th August, 2018
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Eves Karydas Event Thumbnail Image

Eves Karydas

16th August, 2018
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