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Direct-To-Fan Ticketing

Innovative ticketing solutions that offer more to your fans

Increase Earnings

Our booking fees are up to 80% cheaper for fans.

Audience insights

Know who’s buying your tickets and engaging with your campaigns.

Real-time reporting

All through our easy to use dashboard.

Retain your data

Build and own your database.

White label

Host ticketing on your website.

Mobile optimised

Convert better on our mobile first user interface.

Full Service and Customisation

We tailor our services according to your needs.

Bundled sales, merch, VIP, albums

Reward fans and upsell albums, VIP experiences and merch.

Custom pre-sale campaigns

Ask us how to drive hype and build your database leading up to your next big announce.

Custom Campaigns

We give music fans a voice and unleash the passion they have for artists through crowdsourcing

Support Slot Competition
  • Let fans decide who will be the support acts
  • Crowdsource emerging artists. Empower them to become promoters
  • Collect data. Sell more tickets. Activate socials
  • Give back to the next generation of young acts by creating these career building opportunities
City-vs-City pre sale campaign
  • Let your fans pledge behind the cities they want your act to play in
  • Unveil cities and towns of greatest demand
  • Mitigate risk in regional areas
  • Give Adelaide fans a chance!
Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Remove risk, always break even
  • Test demand of international acts wanting to break
  • Test new local and international markets
Connecting brands and music through sponsorship

We use technology to unleash earned media and empower fans to amplify brand stories

Custom web development
Event sponsorship
Creative & Content production
Talent acquisition
Activation & event production
Co-registration, data & audience insights

We'll help you set up your event and walk you through how we can help you engage with more fans

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